Common HVAC Problems

Posted on 5/17/2020 12:07:04 AM

Common HVAC Problems

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Why Your Air Conditioner Fails

Most of the problems encountered with HVAC systems are common problems that can occur to any type of heating and cooling system. These common problems have been enumerated below.

Cooling System Issues

Cooling System Failure: When a coolant leak is detected, repairs are immediately required to prevent the spread of freezing and seepage to the room. Any leaks that become bigger, have not been repaired for a long time or leaks that have been present for a longer period of time will definitely require immediate attention. Some homeowners have a tendency to use only one air compressor, yet many times they will share the compressor. In order to avoid expensive repairs, it is always better to utilize two compressor units in a system.

Electrical Problems

Electric Outlet Failure: The main reason for air conditioner malfunctions is an electric failure. An electrical failure can occur due to the application of improper voltages. Improperly installed wiring is also a cause of electric failure. In addition, an appliance that does not get proper power can be another source of electric failure. It is always recommended to use two types of cord; one with one standard voltage and the other with a different voltage so that the technician can easily switch between the two cords without taking out the device.

Furnace Fan Problems

Furnace Fan Failure: Whenever the furnace is not working or when it becomes difficult to turn on or off the unit, the furnace fan needs to be adjusted to the appropriate settings to allow the appliance to operate smoothly. Once the setting of the fan is properly set, air conditioning will not be affected.

Heating System Problems: A furnace is only as good as the component that powers it. There is a range of temperature-related components that need to be checked regularly. The fan, thermostat, and blower are some of the major components that make up the heating system. When these components are not functioning properly, your heating will not be as efficient as it should be.

Heating Ventilation: A heating system has no escape unless the vent system is properly set up. If this ventilation is blocked, there can be problems with the occupants of the room. An open vent would let the cold air outside which may cause discomfort to those who are ill or fatigued.

Air Conditioner Fault: If you find that your air conditioner unit is malfunctioning, first make sure that it is switched off. After this, check the defrost cycle to ensure that there is a one-second interval. Another factor that must be looked into is the fan's speed.

Comperessor Issues

Compressor Units: A number of compressing units have more than one bypass fan, but there are only a few models of compressor units that have more than one bypass fan. It is advisable to have a pair of bypass fans installed in each side of the room's air conditioning system.

Heating Appliances: Air conditioning appliances that are older will suffer from defects and may need replacement. It is also possilbe that you may need all of your air conditioning system replaced. If the item has several outlets, it must be tested to make sure that the controls are all in working order. It is always wise to consult a professional about a serious problem, especially if the problem involves large sums of money.

Air Ducts and Water Leaks

Duct Problems: There are also a variety of problems that can arise in the duct system of an air conditioning system. This is the case whether the air conditioning unit is old or new, which means that it is a common problem.

Water Leaks: Any time that a compressor system leaks water, it is an issue. Water leaking out of the compressor means that there is a problem with the unit and it must be repaired immediately.

All of these HVAC problems can be fixed by simply replacing the condenser or the entire system. Some simple fixes could save thousands of dollars in repairs and even extend the useful life of your air conditioning unit.


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